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Is is not a solution but you can use the enter key.  If you make a mistake
typing, you cannot backup, but you can hit the enter key to recycle you back
around to the first of the line so you can retype it.  You can continue cycling
through the 3 lines until you hit ESC.


>>> Skip Haak <shaak at> 05/14/98 10:42am >>>

Solved my problem, I couldn't write to my home directory. Changed
permissions and then everything worked fine. Thanks a bunch for your help.

I have another question. If I make a mistake entering location, mapset,
etc., the program doesn't let me use the backspace or delete keys to edit
the text. I haven't been able to find anything that says whether there is a
solution to this problem or I just have to live with it. Is there some way
to solve this problem?

Thanks, Skip

>This message will probably be more helpful than the first.
>The other issue is that the  .gislock file is created in your home directory
>when you start up grass.  Something is odd, but are the owner and permission
>okay in your $HOME directory that will allow grass  to create the .gislock
> If you are not running GRASS and a .gislock file exist remove it as a new will
>be created when you start GRASS.  Again you have to be able to write to it.
>Good Luck
>If you have any questions you can respond directly to me at:
>agburns at
>Anthony Burns

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