ANNOUNCE: New TclTKGRASS V 2.0 graphical user interface

Markus Neteler neteler at
Wed May 20 06:08:17 EDT 1998

Dear GRASS Community,

we proudly present the new graphical user interface for
      TclTKGRASS V 2.0

Jacques Bouchard was so nice to _rewrite_ the entire package,
now there is an internal gui-builder and lots of new modules...

What is new:

TclTKGRASS comes along with a new module windows concept. Beside
new buttons and some color help is available, file selection through
mouse buttons etc.
The handling is much improved and lots of GRASS modules integrated now
(import, export, raster vector, sites management)

Programming TclTKGRASS:
If you want to design your own module windows, you can do that in minutes 
now. Each module is defined with only few lines now (some hundreds before).
So you can easily design your own graphical user interface (or improve the
existing and send us your new modules).

Where to get it:

As usual: (GRASS 4.2.1 page)

A screen shot is also there.

Many greetings from

   Markus Neteler

      Geographisches Institut    |       Institute of Geography
- Abteilung Physische Geographie | - Physical Geography 
      und Landschaftsoekologie - |            and Landscape Ecology -
      Universitaet Hannover      |   University of Hannover, Germany
                 Email: neteler at
             Home Page:

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