planar coordinate system

Ola Kjoelstad ola.kjolstad at
Wed May 20 14:39:58 EDT 1998

Dear all!!

I have made a ascii-raster in Grass-ascii-import format. The raster has
a kind of "dummy" coordinate system. Its a height matrix with fixed
resulution. The units for x,y,z could be anything as long as their
relative proportions are the same, and the system is planar.

I'm trying to import this into Grass (to a Grass binary raster map
layer), maintaing controll over the resolution and x,y,z relationship.
Ideally I want a planar system with metric coordinates. I have problems
with this in Grass. Do anyone see a quick solution?

I`m messing around with g.region and g.setproj, but I`m not able to set
the projection. g.setproj just allowes me to set the ellepsoid/datum,
but the manual says I should be able to set the projection also. My plan
is to set a close to infinite spheroid with a metric coordinatesystem,
eg. UTM. That should do it.

Please forward any suggestions!

Ola Kjoelstad
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