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Terry Duell duell at
Mon May 25 17:29:43 EDT 1998

Frank Lederer wrote:
> Hello grassers,
> is there anyone, who has experience with a realistic looking shaded relief?
> Do I need a raytracing-tool or is it possible to do it with grass-programms?
> I'm working with a relative 'soft' dem, but when I visualize with
> d.his(dem/aspect), it looks like a high mountain region.
I'm not sure if this got through to the first time I posted it, so here goes again.
Apologies if it turns up a number of times.
An approach I have used with some success which gives a visually pleasing result
is as follows...
(1)     apply r.mfilter to your elevation file, using the following filter matrix;
        0 -2 -2
        2  0 -2
        2  2  0
        using a divisor of 1
(2)     apply a greyscale to the output file

See how that works for you.


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