shaded relief

Bill Brown brown at
Wed May 27 12:29:34 EDT 1998

Here's a copy of Ronald Thomas's standard reply  - 

1) Use "" to develop a pleasing "aspect"-like graphic image; it
looks like an aspect map, but its values are solely a function of graphics,
it is not data.  (With a little experimentation, you can develop an image
that puts the "r.slope.aspect" generated aspect image to shame)

2) Use your new shade image in "d.his"; using only the 'hue' and
'intensity' options ; example:
        d.his h_map=<whatever> i_map=<new.shade>   

this will create a new image on your monitor; add a "o=<new.out>" to create
an actual raster layer (type in "d.his help" to get the correct syntax).


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