compiling problems

Christian Kernbach kerniebc at cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE
Sun May 31 06:41:57 EDT 1998


I try to compile grass4.2.1(v.12) on a Suse 5 and get the following error
message at the start of compilation:
.../include/sys/types.h  .... /linux/types.h       no such file or directory
.../include/sys/signal.h  .... /linux/signal.h       no such file or directory

this is not the exact error message but it is similiar. I did all steps
from Marcus Neteler instruction and these files types.h, signal.h .. are at
their places.

Same problem occures when I try to compile LTPlus. So I think it is more a
general problem.

So, somebody can tell me what goes wrong or what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for any hint.



                       (o -)
Christian Kernbach         e-mail:  kerniebc at sp.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE
Gruenberger Str.22
10243 Berlin

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