Good news: Cursor keys working in GRASS shell windows

Markus Neteler neteler at
Mon Jul 5 13:31:50 EDT 1999

Dear GRASS community, 

with small changes we can use now cursor keys in GRASS shell
command windows (setting coordinates etc.). The current 
versions of GRASS always throw you out of the screen 
when hitting a cursor key. 

Jacques Bouchard modified the code (I added a small change) so 
that the cursor keys can be used safely now: 

- RETURN cycles through the input lines (as usual) 
- cursor keys left and right are working (new) 
- cursor keys up and down are working (new) 
- ESC-RETURN take you out of the screen (modified) 

It seems to be very stable, so the next GRASS versions shall offer the
cursor key support. 

Is that alright with you (shall I create a new GRASS 4.2.1)?

Best regards 

  Markus Neteler 

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