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Justin Hickey jhickey at impact1.hpcc.nectec.or.th
Thu Jul 8 09:55:43 EDT 1999


Good to hear that bugs are being fixed in GRASS. I also had the same
problem with the resulting map being filled with NULL values. However, I
would like to point out a possible related problem to Agus's problem that
I reported shortly after the release of GRASS5.0beta. The problem is with
r.in.ascii and r.in.poly and possibly others. The similarity is that the
resulting map is full of NULLs. I haven't checked current sources for 5.0
so I don't know if this was fixed but your message reminded me of it. Here
is my original post.


I just installed GRASS 5.0 beta and have found problems with some of the
commands. The r.in.ascii and the r.in.poly commands don't seem to work. I
set up a 10x10 test region and tried to read in the following ascii file

north:      5
south:      0
east:       5
west:       0
rows:       5
cols:       5

100.0 200.0 300.0 200.0 100.0
100.0 200.0 300.0 200.0 100.0
100.0 200.0 400.0 200.0 100.0
100.0 200.0 300.0 200.0 100.0
100.0 200.0 300.0 200.0 100.0

Running r.in.ascii with this file produces a blank raster map of nulls -
no data exists in the map. This same file worked fine in the old floating
point code.  Next I thought I would try r.in.poly but this program
produced the same results. 

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Thank you for your time.


I never heard from Baylor concerning this problem so I just thought I
would remind people about it.


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