v.to.rast:error G_set_window()

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jul 8 15:02:54 EDT 1999

Dear Agus,

thank you for the hint. We shall fix it soon (suggestion
are welcome, please forward them directly to me).

The same problem occurs with r.digit.

Currently we are working heavily on improving GRASS 5. It
will be a big step comparing to the last release. 

Best regards

  Markus Neteler

> When running v.to.rast using grass5.0beta, I've found
> that if the resulting raster needs more than
> one single processing pass, the result is wrong.
> The program outputs a warning:
> WARNING: Calling G_set_window() in the middle of
> writing map vgeugoode
> and then the result is either misslocated or blank.

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