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Wed Jul 14 01:46:13 EDT 1999

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Wayne wrote:

> Are you folks familiar  with ArcView? If so, how would GRASS stand up to
> this product?

  Yes, I know about ARCView. I've used a competing product, MapInfo, for the
past 5 years. In the Windows world MapInfo is the better product, but
ARCView has ESRI's marketing might behind it and it is associated with
ARC/Info, their mail GIS package.

  AV is vector only. Rasters, analyses and so on are available only by
add-ons. For big dollars.

  All-in-all, the only advantage of AV over GRASS -- possibly -- is in
getting professional, cartographic output on paper. And I'm not at all
sufficiently familiar with GRASS to know if this is really true.


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