non-interactive r.mask (v. 4.2.1)

Hal Mueller hal at
Thu Jul 15 17:19:59 EDT 1999

I haven't tried this on 4.2, but in the 4.0 days I used to use an 
idiom something like

g.remove rast=MASK
g.copy rast=testmask1,MASK
process using testmask1

You might have to toss in some r.mapcalc calls, to actually build 
testmask1..testmaskn, especially if you want to do things like 
masking on certain categories, or certain ranges.  But still no big 
deal.  And it was usually my preference to keep the various mask 
files around to remind myself what I had actually masked--saves time 
debugging and during demos.

Is the water boiling yet?

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Seattle, Washington        (206) 297-9574

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