Install grass 5 in redhat 6.0

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Fri Jul 16 02:45:47 EDT 1999

Andrea wrote:

>Where can I find an "install grass 5 how-to"? I'm a novice in linux and I
>have had some difficult to try to install grass 5.
>thank you very much,,

If you have downloaded the source file, you have to make the binaries for your 
system. This chrashed on my system (RH5.2) so I downloaded the binaries and 
wizz there was I running Grass on my i486. (I haven't checked if there are binaries 
for RH6.0 on the ftp but this might be an easy way out of the problem).

If you unzip/untar the file you have downloaded there will be a INSTALL file which 
will guide you through the installation. The commands to do this is:

Copy your file to the place where you want to install the program. This is usually 

cp grass*.tar.gz /usr/local/grass*.tar.gz
cd /usr/local/
gunzip grass*.tar.gz
tar -xvf grass.tar

When the file is untared you can find the INSTALL file and read this before you 

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