Creating a new location

Michael A Crimmins mcrimmin at
Thu Jul 22 14:09:11 EDT 1999

Hello from Michigan,

I am a new GRASS user running 5.0 on a Redhat 6.0 PC platform. I am
trying to load and analyze some Landsat 5 data. I figured the first
thing to do was to create a new location and mapset. When entering a new
location I get prompted that the location doesn't exist and if I want to
create a new one. I answer yes and then I am prompted with a '(y/n)'
again and then I get the message that the location was not created and
booted back to the initial screen. Am I missing a simple step? Someone
suggested that I read in the TM data straight from the /cell dir with
the d.rast command. Is the /cell dir created with a new location or is
it somewhere else? Can you display TM data in a band-sequential Fast
Format directly with the d.rast command? I would appreciate any

Thanks in advance,

Mike Crimmins
Project Scientist
Kieser & Associates

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