grass5.0beta - versions and features confusion

Morten Hulden morten at
Sat Jul 24 07:48:01 EDT 1999

According to an announcement on a new
grass5.0beta version was released on July 23rd.

I am confused. I find lots of files called grass5.0beta<something>, but
none of them seem to contain features promised.

The main ftp server at does not have any
new source code, only the March 30 file.

The secondary ftp server does not exist, according to my

I can't get to right now. Maybe this is where
everything new is located? and have something called
grass5.0beta_src_march.tar.gz with a June 13 date stamp, and
grass5.0beta_src.tar.gz with a March 30 date!

I downloaded what I thought was new, a source file and a binary for linux
libc6 with date June 13. Only to find that what I wanted and what was
promised was not included. (A note on the Grassnet forum on June 22 said
support for projections leac and laea will be added to the next

What is going on? Is it too much to ask for a decent version numbering
scheme for grass5.0betas to save us from unnecessary downloads of these
huge packages. Compared to the intricities of putting together the program
itself, this should be trivial. 'beta1, beta2, beta'3 or 'beta1_pl1,
beta1_pl2, beta2, beta2_pl1', or even snapshot style 'beta990203,
beta990331, beta990613'. Anything is better than just having a bunch of
grass5.0beta files hanging around, leaving it up to the users to download
and find out the contents. 


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