read write color cells

B. Byars Bruce_Byars at
Tue Jul 27 16:02:19 EDT 1999


You might try freeing up some system assets.  You can run into
this problem if you are trying to run to color-intensive programs
(Netscape and GRASS don't work together on Sun TurboGX graphics 
in CDE for example).

Hope this helps.


Michael A Crimmins wrote:
> whenever i try to start a new moniter, i recieve an error message saying
> that grass cannot create read/write color cells.  does anyone know what
> is wrong or how i go about fixing this problem?
> mike
>     ---------------------------------------------------------------
>                             Name: mcrimmin.vcf
>            Part 1.2         Type: text/x-vcard
>                         Encoding: 7bit
>                      Description: Card for Michael A Crimmins

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