GRASS for Dummies

Linda Moet lindam at
Thu Jul 29 09:11:06 EDT 1999

I used the tutorial at:

 - very good, very clearly written.  It also comes with its own dataset so
you can follow the tutorial exactly if you like, instead of trying to apply
the examples to another dataset.

As for other tutorials, the page you may have been viewing is the Grass
Documentation Project main page.  From any GRASS mirror site, follow:

1)  GRASS Frequently Asked Questions
2)  (Visit the) GRASS Documentation Project

Via the Canadian mirror, the link is:

Linda Moet
GWN Technologies
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 2:00 PM
Subject: GRASS for Dummies

>While surfing the net looking for tutorials about how to use GRASS, I cam
>across a page that listed many interesting items.
>Of course, now I cannot find that page.
>I would appreciate being directed to GRASS tutorials.
>Duncan C. Kinder
>dckinder at

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