Linux as an Application Server for GRASS

Andrew M McDermott mcdermam at
Sat Jul 31 11:43:25 EDT 1999

Duncan Kinder wrote:
> Microimages now charges $25 for its version.  (Apparently a very recent
> development)
> What is the other free X server you know of?  (I need to run it on a Windows
> box.)
> Thanks,
> Duncan C. Kinder
> dckinder at
I apologize for being stupid, it's the heat and a hangover, but I can't
remember the other...I could find it again. Check the earlier responses
to your question...someone mentioned it (I erased them it seems). I just
sent you a gif, but I forgot to mention I could send you the Microimages
server as a zip file, it is self-contained in a single directory. I
could also put it on my ftp site if you don't want big attachments. I
could also send you the qvt stuff if you can't get it. It has an ftp
client and a web server and ftp server for Win32 also. Very nice
programs to have around.

Xserver caveat:
You would have to start it with the tntstart program and not the xserver
program to get the window manager (TWM) which gives you placement
control over the startup windows, but other than that it is pretty

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