[Ticket #4656] GRASS mailing list

Lori Kingery kingery at cecer.army.mil
Tue Jun 1 17:35:58 EDT 1999

Dear GRASS Community,

USACERL has less and less developmental involvement with GRASS.
(Indeed, many of the original researchers are no longer here, and
the ones left are performing different jobs, for the most part!).
The GRASS list functionality will be moved, and it will be moved
to Baylor University.  Baylor is very interested in your thoughts
about the best way to handle user forums, and they are also
concerned with providing a modern and easily maintained environment
for your comments and information.

PLEASE make yourself heard by posting comments to the "Future of
GRASS" forum at http://grassnet.baylor.edu/ - which should exist
as of tomorrow or so.

Some ideas for areas of comment include:

	* more lists or forums versus fewer
	(GRASS on different platforms, etc.)

	* medium = web, email, etc.
	(a web version could be made to email as well)

	* essentially, what is the most effective way
	to share information?

Please keep in mind that Baylor, like USACERL, is not overflowing
with time or funds with which to work on this stuff.  Also bear
in mind that Majordomo can be nontrivial to set up.  Thank you
for your patience.

P.S.  I'm considering taking down the cecer.army.mil version of
the list on or about 1 July 1999.

Lori -- kingery at cecer.army.mil -- USACERL unix sysadmin
Adaptation precludes adaptivity; to establish and become
effective...extends the blinds that limit our ability to
adjust to the unforseen. - Karl Weick, management expert

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