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David Mandel dmandel at
Wed Jun 2 02:26:46 EDT 1999

> > A new on-line forum called GRASSnet has been started that will replace
> > the majordomo mailing list.  We have been working with USA-CERL on
> > just how to replace the mailing list, and have come to the conclusion
> > that a discussion board would be easier to manage as well as easier for
> > the user community.  
> Why did you come to that conclusion?
> Mailinglists still are the best choice for this kind of interaction.
> MUA (mail user agents) have been developed for years and no web
> interface can replace the power of this tools.
> > The result is called GRASSnet which you can find at
> > the address:
> > 
> >
> Sorry, it doesn't look very nice and my MUA gives me much more Power.

I have to confess I haven't looked at  The
site may be fine.  However, I have very limited band width, so I try to
avoid using netscape and the like.

But, maybe that is the point.  I really prefer mailing lists for things
like the GRASS list.  I have good mail readers and writers, and I can
setup automatic filters to help me pin point postings of interest.
Try to do this with a web based system.

One of the people responding to this posting, talked about the gome and
kde mailing lists vs. Slashdot.  I agree with all he/she said, but I would
like to add an example of where a mailing list worked when a web site did

People tryed to organize a Linux users group in Eugene, Oregon USA for a
couple years.  They had a nice web site and tryed to have meetings; but
attendance was poor; and there wasn't any communication between meetings.
Someone (Actually, I suggested it.) finally suggested putting up a mailing
list last December, and  they put one up in Jan 1999.  This was the KEY.
This gave them good rapid  response communications.  The mailing list soon
became busy.  People got word when meetings were scheduled.  Attendance
shot up.  The group is now  very active.  And I really think the mailing
list was the KEY.

In light of this, I conclude the GRASS needs a mailing list.
If CERL shuts the current lists down and Baylor doesn't want to take it
over, someone else needs to do this.   I know at least three ISPs who
would host the list for free, so that wouldn't be a problem.  I have found
that lists like this require a bit of time to administrate, but it isn't a
killer.  I administrate several lists already so I would prefer not taking
on another, but I would be willing to help someone else get started.

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