Attention GRASS Users!

Markus Neteler neteler at
Wed Jun 2 03:51:16 EDT 1999

>   Germane to the call for volunteers, I'm stretched quite thin already or
> I'd offer to learn. Doing three full-time jobs (administrative, marketing
> and project work) plus wanting to spend time away from work and with my
> fiancee means that my spare time is usually limited to when I'm sleeping.
>   I hope the mail list finds a new home. Or, at worst, someone can help
> maintain the onelist thingie.
> Rich


I agree - the mailing list should be kept alive! Malcolm, perhaps
you or someone else could offer this service? I think, Baylor´s team
is overwhelmed with work - let´s distribute the workload. 
Unfortunately I cannot offer this service. Managing the GRASS server
beside all the user´s requests (currently 250 emails unanswered) is
enough workload for me beside my job at university.

In my opinion we need both: The new message board AND the 
mailing list.

  Markus Neteler

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 Geographisches Institut   |   30167 Hannover, Germany
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