Attention GRASS Users!

Fred Limp fred at
Wed Jun 2 10:33:29 EDT 1999

If the only way to save the server is for us to take it over - the we will..
lets hope Baylor does.

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Date: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 3:39 PM
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>Hi, Bruce
>As an eight-year grassu-list veteran, I'd have to agree with Bernhard
>that the listserver has proven itself to be a versatile tool. One major
>advantage that it has over most other tools is that it conveniently keeps
>users involved who may not be currently working closely with GRASS, yet
>still have much useful information to contribute.
>I have a feeling that, if you _do_ decide to drop the listserver, someone
>outside of Baylor will pick it up (heck, it could be me!). Please
>consider whether you'd like to keep this aspect of support centralized or
> -Malcolm Williamson
>On Sun, 30 May 1999, Bruce Byars wrote:
>> Greetings GRASS Users,
>> A new on-line forum called GRASSnet has been started that will replace
>> the majordomo mailing list.  We have been working with USA-CERL on
>> just how to replace the mailing list, and have come to the conclusion
>> that a discussion board would be easier to manage as well as easier for
>> the
>> user community.  The result is called GRASSnet which you can find at
>> the address:
>> Check it out and leave us a message.  We are not sure sure when CERL
>> is turing off the majordomo GRASS lists, but they have requested that
>> we get up and running as soon as possible.  This system will also allow
>> us to respond quickly to any bug reports/suggestions/comments that you
>> may
>> have.  It is also a great forum for interaction.  Currently there are
>> forums for Users, Developers, Installation Tips/Tricks, and Research.
>> We are
>> planning to further expand this service over the next several weeks, so
>> any
>> suggestions and comments you have are more than welcome.
>> In closing, our team would like to thank everyone for their support!
>> Bruce Byars
>> Senior Research Scientist
>> GRASS Development Team
>> CAGSR - Baylor University

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