Maintain (new?) Mailinglist?

Jack Cummings sauron at
Fri Jun 4 00:21:14 EDT 1999

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 01:42:26PM -0500, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Good to see to many people speaking up about the mailinglist.
> Having some experience with communications using new media,
> I like to comment on two points:
> a) Mailinglists can be nicely integrated with the Web and News.
> So you would get most of the advantages of an web forum, if you
> use an additional webarchive. You can also add a web->mail interface.
> The Grass user community might even think about creating a newsgroup.
> This is usually what should happen if the community is very big and
> a bunch of Mailinglists aren't sufficient anymore.

The way we did this with a few projects I am involved in is to use a news
server not connected to the usenet. It saves a lot of spam.  
> b) Maintaining a few Mailinglists is quite easy and even
> less work than maintaining a web forum.

> It can be nontrivial to set up a mailinglist or to maintain it.
> (Depending on the size). But usually, all you need is a Unix machine
> an a modern ML software and then it is relatively easy.
> It should be done in a few hours (like a day) depending on your
> experience.
> I recomment GNU Mailman (, 
> because it seems to be very low on maintaince, because most of it
> can be done over the web it is automatically done.
> It largely manages itself and has both email and web management
> facilities for every users.

I run about 12 mailing listts with about 1500 subscribers on ezmlm ( qmail ) 
It's pretty straight forward, and it is very fast. So you can use that old
Sparc IPX, if you want.. :)


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