GRASS 5.0b development notes

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Jun 4 05:49:58 EDT 1999

Bill and Bernhard,

> My changes are largely incorporated into Bill's, see:
> Mails to the Baylor Address about several issues were never answered.
> Bill told me that he also never got an answer from the developers.
> The webstructure on Baylor seems to be a bit off, and nobody seems
> to care to link Bill's site from there.
> The work was mentioned on the user list, too.
> Markus Neteler then contacted us and AFAIK mentioned the B. Hughes'
> patches to the Baylor developers, which at least partly seem to
> incorporate them. But still no comment about that.

well, let4s start again. After discussion with Bruce I will
take care for your patches now. To distribute the workload
I suggest that we stay in contact about including your patches
into the 5.0 code. I keep the line to Baylor then. Would that be 
o.k with you?

Generally speaking:

If you (the GRASS community) have patches, please send them

additionally with an announcement email to grass at

We need this "active" input, as it would be too time consuming
to search the net for patches. GRASS development is rather
voluntary from our side, we have to work on many other projects
as well. 
Therefore: GRASS development support from the users/programmers
community is urgently needed. Now and in future it shall be 
organized in a better way for everybodies satisfaction.

We need your help! The migration of 4.2.1 to 5.0 is a big job...

Thank you very much

   Markus Neteler

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