GRASS for sale? no.

B Byars Bruce_Byars at
Fri Jun 4 11:50:01 EDT 1999

Hi everyone.  Well, I thought I would address some of
the rumors floating around about the future of GRASS and
it not being free.  Our position is to keep GRASS free
for everyone.  Period.  We're not going to "go commercial"
and require that everyone pay for it.  (although donations 
would be accepted ;-) ).  While there are some commercial
firms who "sell" GRASS, the official position is that
we will keep it free.  

Also, there has been concern arising about copyright.  We
have had our general counsel office and an outside firm 
specializing in software issues working with us.  The GPL 
in their opinion has too many holes in it.  What is in the 
works is a document that keeps GRASS free, but also protects 
every developer.  In other words, if you develop something, 
contribute it to the community, and a commercial firm 
commercializes it w/out permission, we will act on your

I hope this clears up some of the concern.


Bruce Byars
Hydrologist and Senior Research Scientist
Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research
Baylor University

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