GRASS 5.0b development notes

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We are working on organizing that now.  Will keep you
posted when I know particulars.


Boerner, Jason (CCI-Orange County) wrote:
> Is there a CVS tree to get involved with so that others can add to the
> project in a somewhat organized fashion?
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> Subject: GRASS 5.0b development notes
> Bill and Bernhard,
> > My changes are largely incorporated into Bill's, see:
> >
> >
> > Mails to the Baylor Address about several issues were never answered.
> > Bill told me that he also never got an answer from the developers.
> > The webstructure on Baylor seems to be a bit off, and nobody seems
> > to care to link Bill's site from there.
> >
> > The work was mentioned on the user list, too.
> > Markus Neteler then contacted us and AFAIK mentioned the B. Hughes'
> > patches to the Baylor developers, which at least partly seem to
> > incorporate them. But still no comment about that.
> well, let4s start again. After discussion with Bruce I will
> take care for your patches now. To distribute the workload
> I suggest that we stay in contact about including your patches
> into the 5.0 code. I keep the line to Baylor then. Would that be
> o.k with you?
> Generally speaking:
> If you (the GRASS community) have patches, please send them
> to
> additionally with an announcement email to grass at
> We need this "active" input, as it would be too time consuming
> to search the net for patches. GRASS development is rather
> voluntary from our side, we have to work on many other projects
> as well.
> Therefore: GRASS development support from the users/programmers
> community is urgently needed. Now and in future it shall be
> organized in a better way for everybodies satisfaction.
> We need your help! The migration of 4.2.1 to 5.0 is a big job...
> Thank you very much
>    Markus Neteler

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