GRASS for sale? no.

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Mon Jun 7 04:28:50 EDT 1999

B Byars wrote:
> Also, there has been concern arising about copyright.  We
> have had our general counsel office and an outside firm
> specializing in software issues working with us.  The GPL
> in their opinion has too many holes in it.  What is in the

I am curious to see what they are considering as "holes" in
the GNU GPL licence...  As far as I know, the GPL garanties that
all the sources are free and must be distributed along the
binaries, but it doesn't forbid you to make money with some
added work (including support for users, which is a good thing
for increasing the audience of grass).

If grass was developped under GPL licence, I guess that grass
porting on Windows, like grassland or black grass, would actually
be as free as the original grass on Unix product, and the sources
available on the net.

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