grass 5.0 beta configure/make

Luca Palmeri lpalmeri at
Mon Nov 1 15:42:35 EST 1999

Eric Mitchell wrote:

> I downloaded the new beta4 source release, and attempted a
> "configure ; make ; make install", but performing "make"
> in the top level source directory does nothing.  Is the
> autoconf build process complete yet?

Yes I would say it is quite complete now, I have compiled it on three
very different systems (i686 RedHat linux, i586 Debian and DU alpha)
and it works easy (yet not so straightforward for DU alpha )

> Is anyone working on fine tuning it?  Are the
> files
> available for patches?

Yes, many people are working on this. Probably if you say something more

about your system's configuration we may be more helpfull :)


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