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Mon Nov 1 16:40:17 EST 1999

Saw this on /., []
maybe it's relevant to some of you:

More free GIS stuff (Score:2, Informative)
by raph (raph at on Saturday October 30, @02:44PM EST (#42)
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Strangely, I found out about this yesterday, when I followed the lwn link to
the FreeGIS
web site newly created by Jan-Oliver Wagner in Germany. 

This site has links to a number of other interesting free software GIS
packages, as well as a
couple of sources of data. 

It is my hope that a real free GIS community will develop. I have a personal
interest in this,
as I think my libart 2D graphics rendering library
[] has the potential to render maps at a much
higher quality than most proprietary GIS packages today (i.e. antialiasing,
semi-transparent layers, combining vector with image data). If there's
anyone who's
interested in integrating libart's cool rendering capabilities with the cool
free software GIS
apps, both current and future, please get in touch. 



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