GRASS as GNU Projekt ?

Matt.Wilkie Matt.Wilkie at
Mon Nov 8 14:41:45 EST 1999

>Just finding GRASS on the GNU Page, could make a few 
>programmers curious about GRASS, even if they aren't into 
>this subject. 

There is no need to become an official 'GNU Projekt', GPL 
licensing on it's own is enough.  Give some time for the 
word to circulate, after all as a GPL'd project GRASS is only
2 weeks old and already is referenced on Slashdot, Freshmeat,
Linux Center, Dave Central, etc... (and it was before too, just
not as prominently or recently).
Oh wait, there's one more point: the linux kernel is not a 
GNU Project. :-)

In any case, GRASS is now on the GNU software page:

>How can I ignore somthing I don' t know about. Just a few 
>people heard of GRASS at our Department and no one used 
>it before (hope I can change it a bit). 

GRASS is not at all hard to find:

Top level in the GIS category at Yahoo:

Not quite top level at Lycos, but still prominent:

And it's listed on the table of contents of the comp.infosystems.gis 
newgroup's GIS FAQ, while ESRI and ArcInfo are not (although 
ARC & AML are).

All that aside, more prominence and mind share certainly wouldn't
hurt. ;-)



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