Compiling GRASSLinks

Michael Schulz schulzm at
Wed Nov 10 08:11:18 EST 1999

Hi there !

I am trying to set up GRASSLinks on our Apache-Webserver. When i try to 
compile the .c-source code (check/times/checktimes) it hangs with the 

TIMEOFDAY undeclared ... (in checktimes.c)

I tried to find what TIMEOFDAY does in combination with getclock-function 
but i could not find getclock. Seems like i am missing something. 

I use grasslinks from Hanover, Suse 6, and it seems i have the lpthreads:
ldconfig: =>

Has anybody experience similar problems ? TIA


Michael Schulz

Christoph-Mang-Str.5       Geologisches Institut
79100 Freiburg             Universitaet Freiburg 
                           Albertstr. 23b
                           79104 Freiburg  

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