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Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Wed Nov 24 05:16:23 EST 1999

Karin Mayer wrote:
> hallo GRASS community
> Is there a possibility to start GRASS with existing loacations and
> mapsets non-interactivly by shell-scripts?

It's relatively easy if you look at what the starting shell script
is doing.
Once you have set the environment variables ($GISBASE, $GISDBASE,
$LOCATION, $PATH, you will be able to run any Grass command you
like.  If you are sure that you will not interfere with another
user (that should be the case : a non-interactive grass command
doesn't need monitor, for example :-), you have even no need to
set the grass locks.

A way to to things very easy is to use the unix "at" command (or
"batch" if you want an immediate start) within a grass session :
All the environment is automaticaly added before your shell-script.

I proceeded this way recently to make some repetitive shell-script
(9000+ loops !)
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