ANNOUNCE: new XDRIVER released!

Jaro Hofierka hofierka at
Thu Sep 2 08:21:00 EDT 1999

Stephan Eickschen wrote:

> Hi,
> I am sorry, but I guess I have a problem with - the new d.mon isn't found
> by GRASS. I am running the (binary release of) GRASS 4.2.1. I downloaded
> the new_xdriver_linux_pc.tar.gz, made back ups of the files to be
> replaced, unpacked the archive, started grass42, made a d.mon start=x0


We have problems with Linux pre-compiled XDRIVER24 package on grass4.1.
After ungziping/untarring files and starting grass4.1 we've got:

>/home/grass/etc/ /home/grass/bin/g.gisenv: No such file or directory
>/home/grass/etc/ /home/grass/bin/g.gisenv: No such file or directory
>/home/grass/etc/ GISDBASE: parameter null or not set

All files in grass/bin directories were changed and not found by grass.

I tried to compile xdriver24 source code for grass4.2, however "raster.h" file is missing..
Can authors provide this header file?

> src/display/d.mon/pgms
> #include "raster.h"

Thanks in advance,

J. Hofierka

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