ANNOUNCE: new XDRIVER released!

Agustin Lobo alobo at
Mon Sep 6 08:52:09 EDT 1999

I'm trying to test the new 24 bit
driver, which should be an important improvement 
for us.

2 questions:

1. Once we have the new bins, d.mon start=x0 opens
the graphic window along with the following message:

got a TrueColor (Read-Only!) Visual
ncolors: 32768
allocating memory...
Graphics driver [x0] started

Is this number of colors what should be expected?

2. Should the output of d.rgb have 24-bit color resolution?
(was the example in the web produced with d.rgb?)


Dr. Agustin Lobo
Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra (CSIC)
Lluis Sole Sabaris s/n
08028 Barcelona SPAIN
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fax 34 93411 0012
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