GRASS on Macintosh

Bill Kristan wbkiii at
Fri Sep 10 12:27:57 EDT 1999

Hi Les,

The latest version of Grass (5beta3) compiled without a hitch for me on
LinuxPPC on a power mac.  I'm using all the tools that are provided with
LinuxPPC, so a standard installation of the operating system should provide
everything you need (just make sure you install the development tools).  I
could get you a copy of my compiled binaries, but it might be easier for you
to compile from source in case your system requires different configuration
settings (the source code includes a script that checks how your system is
configured and adjusts the compilation accordingly).

Bill Kristan.
UC Riverside

>From: Van Rooyen Leslie <ARA at>
>To: "'grass at'" <grass at>
>Subject: GRASS on Macintosh
>Date: Fri, Sep 10, 1999, 3:01 AM

> Can anyone direct me to versions of GRASS running on Mac: MacOS, MachTen,
> MkLinux( DR3), PPCLinux? Preferably compiled code as I'm a bit new to this
> sort of thing  ; )
> thanks
> Les v Rooyen

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