no v.digit ?

Michael Schulz schulzm at
Sun Sep 12 07:29:11 EDT 1999

Hello Moritz !

v.digit is now available under the name 


since it provides spline interpolation of vectors (the old v.digit is 
though still in the release (src - binary i am not sure) but commented 
out in the list of programs to be compiled).

Cheers, Michael

Michael Schulz

Christoph-Mang-Str.5       Geologisches Institut
79100 Freiburg             Universitaet Freiburg 
                           Albertstr. 23b
                           79104 Freiburg  

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Moritz Lennert wrote:

> Hello !
> I'm using the grass5.0b binary distribution on SuSE 6.0.
> I cannot find v.digit. Does it still exist ?
> Moritz

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