How to set default region

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Wed Sep 15 09:53:11 EDT 1999

Hi Kamarul

On Sep 13,  6:05pm, Kamarul Azlan Mohd Nasir wrote:
> Actually, I have tried that also. When I used g.region command, I will
> receive the same error meesage 'Default region not set'. Are there
> any suggestions on how to correct this problem?
> > Try using the g.region command.

Hmmm. Is the DEFAULT_WIND file located in the PERMANENT mapset? I seem to
recall that Grass likes to have a PERMANENT mapset defined for each location
with a DEFAULT_WIND file stored there, but I'm not sure. Also, did you check to
see if Grass is functioning properly with one of the sample datasets (eg
spearfish)? If not, then you can get the datasets from the Grass Euopean site:

or one if its mirror sites. Just follow the link for the "Sample data page" off
the table on the home page.


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