Problem building Grass5.0b3

Terry Duell terry.duell at
Thu Sep 16 00:06:37 EDT 1999

Good afternoon all,
I have been trying to build a working version of the beta3 release of
Grass5.0 on an SGI Onyx running Irix 6.5.2.
I have been using the notes provided by Justin Hickey, which he prepared
from his experiences when building the beta2 release under Irix 6.5.
These notes have been very helpful, but I have come across an error
which Justin didn't get.
Compiling ~/src/sites/ i get the following error...

    "main.c", line 823: error(1515): a value of type "int" cannot be
assigned to
          an entity of type "struct line_pnts *"
      Points = Vect_new_line_struct ()
I am guessing that Vect_new_line_struct () is considered an int because
it hasn't been defined, and when I go looking I find that
Vect__new_line_struct () (note the double underscore) is defined in
Vlib/line_struct.c, and Vlib should be in VECT_INCLUDE.
Now I have tried editing main.c to use Vect__new_line_struct (), but
that doesn't make any difference.
I am not sufficiently familiar with makefiles to know whether the
VECT_INCLUDE is actually being used in this case.
Can anyone throw any light on this problem?

Much obliged.

Terry Duell, Senior Mobility Engineer
Army Engineering Agency
Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia
ph:61-3-93195837 fax:61-3-93195830

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