Problem building Grass5.0b3

Justin Hickey jhickey at
Thu Sep 16 14:21:53 EDT 1999

Hi Terry

On Sep 16,  3:06pm, Terry Duell wrote:
> Compiling ~/src/sites/ i get the following error...
>     "main.c", line 823: error(1515): a value of type "int" cannot be
> assigned to
>           an entity of type "struct line_pnts *"
>       Points = Vect_new_line_struct ()
>                  ^

Without actually seeing the code (I didn't download beta 3) I would guess that
you may be able to fix it by putting a cast in front of the function call like

Points = (struct line_pnts *) Vect_new_line_struct ()

This may be dangerous and you should check to see what the function is supposed
to return. The ideal solution is to change the function so it returns the
proper type. This is assuming that a function called Vect_new_line_struct
actually returns some type of line struct. Again you need to check.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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