ESRCH not found

Bill Hughes bhughes at
Mon Sep 20 23:19:54 EDT 1999

Kurt Gerber <kurt.gerber at> wrote:
> Compiling grass5beta3 I get the following Error: 
> Error in ...... ERSCH undeclared (first use in this function ) 
> in different files like ...src/general/gis/lock.c and different others.
> There was always the function:

ESRCH is the error code for "No Such Process" and is #3 for Linux 
(Alpha and Intel.) Look in /usr/include/asm/errno.h, or wherever your
system puts such things.

> Is this function important or can I comment out the line 
> return errno!= ESRCH;    ?

Probably not a good idea.  That return value is used to determine the
status of the process, and to trigger the program to terminate early.
What platform are you working on?

Bill Hughes

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