make install stops..

Ben Horner-Johnson ben at
Tue Sep 21 15:01:42 EDT 1999

> From: "kjell-olav.bjerknes" <kjbje at>
> Subject: make install stops..

> I've been trying to install the Grass.beta3 but it stops when running
> make install....
> The message I get is:
> [root at v30-181059 grass5.0beta]# make install
> /root/.bashrc UNIX_BIN=/usr/local/bin SRC=`pwd`
> GISBASE=/usr/local/grass-5.0b MA
> CHINENAME=`uname -n` /bin/sh src/CMD/generic/
> /bin/sh: /root/.bashrc: Ikke tilgang
> make: *** [pre-install] Error 126
> "Ikke tilgang"(norwegian) means no access!
> What is wrong.... I thought I didnt install RedHat properly so I installed
> RedHat6.0 again.... but still not working...

Hmm... my guess is that /root/.bashrc isn't an executable file.  Check
the permissions (ls -l) they should be -rwxr-xr-x or something like that
(-rwx----- would be root only).

Disclaimer: I haven't installed this version.

Ben Horner-Johnson
ben at

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