Major problem trying to install 5.0beta3 for linux

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Wed Sep 22 16:50:53 EDT 1999

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Ben Horner-Johnson wrote:

> I know this is a little late, but wouldn't it have been better to do
> 'rm -rf bin' from /usr3 or 'rm -rf /usr3/bin'.
> 'rm -rf /bin' to me means "go to the root partition (/) and then remove the bin
> directory" - which is what happened.

  I was in /usr3 and I did type rm -r bin/ (messed up in the message).
Somehow, the directories are appearing in two places.

  Regardless of how I screwed up, untarring the tarball should not have made
bin, dev, etc and so on appear as directories under /usr3. _That's_ what got
me in trouble in the first place.

  After almost 30 hours, the backup is 98% complete. When it's done I'll go
the route of restoring the /bin directory. Then I'll change out the hardware
and clean up the messy GRASS install.

  Wonder why it did this to me when no one else reported spurious
directories during installation.


> I also thought there was an install script ( available in
> the same directory as the binary tar.gz file

  Not that I saw. In the /binary directory there was only the tarball. Once
I untarred it was in the /usr3 directory.

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