Major problem trying to install 5.0beta3 for linux

Markus Neteler neteler at
Thu Sep 23 09:44:06 EDT 1999

> On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Ben Horner-Johnson wrote:
> > I know this is a little late, but wouldn't it have been better to do
> > 'rm -rf bin' from /usr3 or 'rm -rf /usr3/bin'.
> > 'rm -rf /bin' to me means "go to the root partition (/) and then remove the bin
> > directory" - which is what happened.
>   I was in /usr3 and I did type rm -r bin/ (messed up in the message).
> Somehow, the directories are appearing in two places.
>   Regardless of how I screwed up, untarring the tarball should not have made
> bin, dev, etc and so on appear as directories under /usr3. _That's_ what got
> me in trouble in the first place.

Hi Rich,

sorry for your problems! But a tarball always (as far as I know)
has *relative* links. So it is rather impossible to overwrite
directories in / (root) when extracting in a subdirectory.

>   Wonder why it did this to me when no one else reported spurious
> directories during installation.
>   Sigh.
I fear you have had a local problem which never occured somewhere
else... :-)
> > I also thought there was an install script ( available in
> > the same directory as the binary tar.gz file
>   Not that I saw. In the /binary directory there was only the tarball. Once
> I untarred it was in the /usr3 directory.
You would find it on the Hannover site (sometimes the Baylor site is


I can imagine you did not have fun in this situation but the
GRASS binary tarball's condition is o.k. in my opinion.

I hope you can manage!

 Best regards


PS: You were asking for GRASS 5 docs, here are draft docs:

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