Touble with d.mon

kjell-olav.bjerknes kjbje at
Wed Sep 29 03:10:50 EDT 1999


I'm posting this one more time, since I didn't get any answer!:

After finally compiled the source file for Grassbeta3 I still get the
following message when I try to load d.mon start=x0

Graph_Set: can't open
Problem selecting x0. Will try once more

After scooping around in my RedHat6.0 system I found that the configure
file is checking for the curses.h file.

config.log : "checking curses.h WINDOW structure component..."

But then I recieve a error message telling me that my curses.h file does
not have the entry WINDOW (..or something like that)...

So I'm actually wondering if some of you, Grass-people, have a curses.h
file that runs on a RedHat6.0 that includes the WINDOW entry and that you
can send to me.... I would be very pleased, since this problem has
prevented me to use Grass since early Aug.

Sincerely Kjell-Olav Bjerknes

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