rgb 24 bit

Agustin Lobo alobo at ija.csic.es
Thu Sep 30 12:50:54 EDT 1999

ok. Then, perhaps we should look at ImageMagick (freeware), it sounds like
some of its functions could be integrated in d.* programs:


"You can access ImageMagick functions directly from the command line 
the ImageMagick tools convert, mogrify, montage, combine, or identify. Use
       the display program to interactively manipulate your images or 
animate an image sequence from a graphical panel. Finally you have access 
to the various
       image processing methods directly from your favorite application 
development environment: Perl, C++, C, or Java. These programs and much 
more are
       explained by following the links from this page or read the 
ImageMagick Users Guide. "


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