Grasslinks help needed

gis gis at
Mon Apr 3 08:31:48 EDT 2000

I have tried to install the Grasslinks on my machine which is running
Linux. I tried to run grasslinks with Apache and tcl web servers but i
could not. The GRASSLinks in cgi-bin does not run properly. Timer and
postquery-GL does not run at all even after few trying. Also i could not

compile checktimes - i tried with and without pthreads but it did not
I got confused also checking the paths in grass.cmd - it seems that it
is not very clear if they should point to Grasslinks stuff or to grass.
Trying to execute some of the cgi-bin Grasslinks files i got permission
error the same as it appears when i try to run *.pl file trough the
Please if you have some idea what could be the reason for this problems
e-mail me.
Also i  would like to ask you if it is possible to send me the cgi-bin
binaries compiled.
Thank you in advance.
Dimitar Dimitrov

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