ellipsoid Krasovsky

Elke Friebe E.Friebe at t-online.de
Mon Apr 17 14:05:28 EDT 2000


thank you very much Andreas for your mail. It helped me for the first
but there is the second: to get this dates together with other data.

I know, there is the modul r.proj.

I did the steps as they are described on the help manual. But after
of working the program creates an empty file.
Perhaps it has something to do with the Grid-Resolution: of the KVR-1000
satellite picture: 3.09302918. I set the Grid-Resolution af both
(source location and the current location) on this Grid-Resolution.
I tested two variants with resolution value on r.proj:
3.09302918 and Default (calculated from the number of cols in input
both with the same result: empty file.
Is there somebody with a good idea?

My aim is to make an image fusion. Is it at all possible to make an
fusion with TM picture and KVR-1000 (30 m and 3.09302918

Many Greetings

I worked with GRASS 5.0 Beta 3
The KVR-1000 pictue is a file with about 25 MB.

Andreas Lange schrieb:

> Elke Friebe wrote:
> >
> > Hallo GRASSER,
> > is there somebody who has already worked with ellipsoid Krasovsky (
> > russian Satellite picture KVR1000) ?
> > Any help greatly appreciated...
> > Elke Friebe
> >
> > (KVR-1000 georeferenced - ellipsoid Krasovsky, projection Gauss-Kruger,
> > central
> > meridian 11*E)
> Hi Elke,
> what is your question here? I am no specialist in this, so you should
> verify my suggestions.
> The ellipsoid Krasovsky is supported by grass (see file
> etc/ellipse.table). This is the same as the old topographic maps from
> DDR, projection Gauss-Krueger is the same as in germany. Central
> meridian 11E is different from the system used by the german
> gauss-krueger-system, which uses 6E, 9E, 12E and 15E (2, 3, 4, and 5) as
> central meridians. But this should be no problem as far as you do not
> need to import other data in your location.
> Use this values for your location:
> Projection: tmerc, Ellipsoid: krasovsky, Central Parallel 0N, Central
> Meridian 11E, Scale Factor at Central Meridian: 1, False Easting 50 000,
> Plural Form of units: meters.
> HTH,
> Gruesse,
> Andreas
> --
> Andreas Lange, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany, Tel. +49 611 807850
> Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de, A.C.Lange at GMX.net

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