compiling grass5.0beta7 on linux

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at
Mon Apr 24 08:16:31 EDT 2000


just in case someone else wants to compile the new source code

There is an error in r.cost (src/raster/r.cost) which stops compiling of
this module: INFINITY undeclared in function main.

I had a quick look at the sources (main.c) but i think that this is not
a problem with a missing include file or missing library. 
So best if you comment src/raster/r.cost in src/CMD/lists/GRASS before
you start "make install". 

The rest compiles without any problems, many thanks to the development
team and Markus Neteler.

happy compiling,


Andreas Lange, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany, Tel. +49 611 807850
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