can GRASS read CADRG files?

Antonio Rodríguez rod.chav at
Sat Apr 29 15:49:00 EDT 2000

Markus Neteler escribió:
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> Subject:  can GRASS read CADRG files?
>        Date:
>            18 Apr 2000 07:59:20 -0400
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>            jrv at (James R. Van Zandt)
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>            MITRE Corporation
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> Can the free GIS GRASS read Compressed Arc-Digitized Raster Graphics
> files, like the aeronautical charts from NIMA?  I could not find any
> mention in the documentation files.  If not, does anyone know about a
> suitable conversion program?
>                 - Jim Van Zandt
>                   jrv at


Yes there is the NIMAMUSE 2.x from NIMA agency. It has several modules
and the one you are interested in is the Raster Importer, so with it you
can import into NIMAMUSE a CADRG and export to GRASS. Just only in Unix
machines and I think no Linux version.

Hope this helps



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