GRASS and hyperspectral data

Henk Coetzee henkc at
Wed Jun 7 09:02:41 EDT 2000


Has anyone used GRASS for the analysis of hyperspectral data. 

We are busy developing an airborne line-scanner, which is flown together
with a gamma-ray spectrometer, a magnetometer and in the future with an
electromagnetic system (look under airborne geophysics on ), all mounted in a
microlight. So far the results are extremely promising, but we are still
choosing software for the development of analysis methods. we will
eventually record about 128 bands, with wavelengths from around
200-2000nm (we hope to get a new sensor some time to look into the

In addition, we are recording gamma-rays between 100 and 6000keV in 512
channels, so some sort of hyperspectral facility would be useful.

This kind of facility will also be useful for future satellites.



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