Trouble importing data

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Thu Jun 15 04:42:41 EDT 2000

Scott Smith wrote:
> I finally managed to get GRASS started and running.  My next task is to
> import a few Arc/Info coverages to form the basemap for a project.
> However, whenever I try anything like
> help
> I get the message
>           ERROR: LOCATION_NAME not set

Hmm, this is a message displayed by the grass library when a program
test the environment variables (including $LOCATION).
After starting the Grass shell, look at what the command "/bin/echo $LOCATION"
"/bin/echo $LOCATION_NAME", etc.  give.  Use "/bin/echo" because the problem
may also be that variable are set but not exported (thus not available for
the programs you run)

Here is an exemple of the environment variables when you run Grass :


You should have the same error with many other programs, not only

> I am running precompiled grass4.3 on a Linux system.

What kind of unix system ? what shell (sh, csh, bash, tcsh,...) are you using ?

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